For the last two years I have been living in Africa doing development out in the bush. I also didn't have a car so walking and biking were the order of the day, you want food, go get it but you have to use those legs. As you can imagine, living away from a typical SAD lifestyle helped a lot. When I got back from Africa I had lost 40 lbs, not too shabby I thought.

Shortly after getting back I went out and bought the bridesmaid dress I will be using for my brother's wedding this September. Inbetween ordering the dress and getting the dress, 10lbs found it's way back. I will be the first to admit that I went a little crazy-town-banana-pants with food when I got back. Really hard not to, but the butt stops here.

So here's my proposition, I'm not going to have the dress altered. If I can't get back into it by the wedding on September 21st:
1) I'm screwed and so is my brother and his fiance, sorry guys
2) I will give $500 to my least favorite organization ever.....PETA

And you know what, it's already working. My living situation involves a bunch of roommates and the shared shelf has cereal, major trigger for me, and I thought "is this bowl of cereal worth a $500 check to PETA?" no, the answer is no.

So here goes nothing. I have nothing to lose but extra a$$ fat, I refuse to lose my money.