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Thread: Bigger Arms Contest

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    Bigger Arms Contest

    As I was reading through the “Why men won’t lift weights?” thread, I noticed that people were discussing feminism, skinny jeans, and the emasculation of the modern man. Naturally, this made me think about the size of my gunz.

    The goal of this contest is to add an inch to your arms quicker than anybody else. Measurements should be taken on a cold, flexed arm at the widest point. Do whatever exercises that work for you and don’t interfere with your other goals. If you’re interested in participating, post your starting size and I’ll add you to the list. Any of you want to join me in getting swole?
    (Credit: 250orBust on the SS forum for the idea)

    Jefferson1775 - 15"
    Ghshl - 13.5"
    clevinger - 15.75"
    Knifegill - 15"
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