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    How to cook a Pork chop?

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    I had the most amazing braised pork at a restaurant 2 weeks ago - it as so tender. I have a lone pork chop at home and would love to braise it but have no idea how to. The recipes I found online call for using liquids like apple juice, wine etc ( which I do not have/ don't want to use) for braising and to bake them in a braising dish or a dutch oven, neither of which I have. Can I cook it on stove top? Would you share any tried and tested recipes for braising a pork chop? Or any good recipe for a single pork chop. Thanks!

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    Braising is cooking in some type of liquid at a low temp for a long time. Usually you sear the meat first to brown it and make it more flavorful. Go Maillard reaction!
    You could technically do this on the stovetop, but you'd need to put a lid on the pan and turn it pretty low after searing. Technically you could use water for braising, but it might make your meat taste....watered down (haha), hence using a flavorful liquid such as wine/apple juice.

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    You could braise in broth/ stock as well, with a scoop of tomato paste.

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    While I prefer salt/pepper and a red hot grill, I have had good luck doing thick cut, bone in chops like Osso Bucco (brown pork, brown onion/celery/carrot, combine, add stock and tomato paste, simmer, etc)

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    With pork I think the highest heat possible for the least time possible is best - I had 2 broiled chops for breakfast this morning and they were perfect after 8 minutes on one side, 5 minutes on the other.

    Save the braising for cheaper cuts with more connective tissue/toughness that needs to be dealt with like lamb shoulder or oh I don't know pork belly

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