I have a 6lb brisket, one side fatty. My rough plan is to cut it so it fits in a slow cooker, lay some carrots, sweet potatoes, & celery down, then put the brisket, probably cut in thirds so it will fit, on top. Then I plan to set the cooker on high for a couple hours, then turn it to low for several more. I should probably add some water to cover the vegetables. I think.
Then there is the matter of the seasoning. I'm thinking adobo, but I haven't decided yet.
So I'm thinking the meat should be tender after that, and the vegetables soft. So then I'd kind of pull the brisket apart.
Does this sound like a viable plan. Anything you'd do different?
Alternately, I could put it in a big roaster at 200, vegetables on the bottom. But wouldn't they burn that way? If I do that, should I put the brisket on a rack in the roaster? It would fit in the roaster whole. And should I sprinkle the adobo or whatever else directly on the meat, or maybe melt some butter and season it with adobo and baste it?

What would Andy Taylor do?