Society is far from perfect, but I never thought that in the span of a couple of millennia it could have been corrupted to such a deep extent, the inevitable result of ignorance accumulated through the ages.

Here are the main achievements of our culture:

*Diet: Obesity and cancer skyrocketing, pretty much any contemporary disease has to do with our modern diet rich in sugars and toxins

*Exercise: Sedentarism is the rule, exercise is seen as work and the general health is so bad that being overweight is now the rule

*Sleep: Monophasic sleep has destroyed the only piece of free time we ever enjoyed and prevented us from waking up refreshed, stress is a way of life

*Emotions: You can't cry in public, the world expect us to repress our emotions, things are felt the way they tell us, depression is so common that being happy is considered abnormal

*Sexuality: People actively trying to make people feel shame about their bodily functions, regretting the best moments of their life and their natural tendencies, nobody asking why

*Religion: Evolved superstitions who make otherwise sane persons act irrationally, hurting themselves and others in the name of their god, waiting for a nonexistent better life while wasting the only one they have

*Philosophy: Money equals happiness, either as an end or a mean most people live to work, the search for happiness is overlooked and seen as egoism

As Mark said himself, this is more than just health, but a way of life. This is the logical development of his ideas, combined with mine as they're part of the same thing.

And of what thing am I talking about? I'm talking about undoing everything society has brought us, I'm talking about returning to our physical, psychological and rational origins, to get back our health, our wellbeing and above all our sanity.

Since the advent of agriculture our diet has been worsening, sedentarism came a little later, sleep started to worse when people stopped taking naps and then decided to sleep late and monophasically thanks to artificial light.

Culturally, society has developed a complex repressive system to force individuals to keep their feelings for themselves, dramatically increasing depression rates and making shame a standard. Sex and nudity is almost universally rejected in public, and most people enjoying it in private regret it, and that's without talking of the children and their forever unanswered questions.

Religion has developed past simple superstition to complex stories passed from generation to generation, worsening the life of millions and causing all sorts of ordeals. Philosophy now is about doing things right instead of wrong, trying to fix the horrible lifestyle that makes us desire to do evil and forgetting the fact that life is something to enjoy, not to suffer

The society we're living in is the worst one that has ever existed, or it would be if it weren't for the medical advancements and security we enjoy in the developed world, however in the rest of the world they're suffering one of the worst dystopias imaginable, and most of them are accepting their fate.

Call me by the name you like most, but society is corrupt and I won't resign to it anymore, cultural inertia is too powerful to be solved in the span of a lifetime, nobody of us has long enough telomeres to survive until that moment, but at least we can individually return to our origins and enjoy our lives like we never thought was possible, helping future generations to live life at its fullest.