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Thread: Tips needed for kitchen-in-a-duffle/work travel

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    Smile Tips needed for kitchen-in-a-duffle/work travel

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    I have been following the primal diet for several weeks and am feeling good. A bit worried because I work in humanitarian assistance and will be heading out July-August-ish for 1-3 months. Will need to avoid most available food (including raw foods available in guest houses because of dubious local water/growing conditions) & will have rare control over meal prep/extremely limited access to markets. I will take plenty of nuts, have a good dehydrator to make jerky before leaving--other ideas for how to eat primally & healthily out of my duffle bag for an extended period of time exceptionally welcome--including any pre-packaged safe foods. Will eat fresh with the help of bleach drops when possible, but past experience indicates those opportunities will be limited.

    Thanks so much!

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    dried fruit, dried veggies such as zucchini, dried fish, canned fish, coconut oil

    Paleo Food Mall seems to have a good list of sources for buying pre-packaged foods that would fit the primal diet.

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    9,063 powdered eggs: Grocery & Gourmet Food I have no personal experience with a specific brand, but I ate powdered eggs three times a day when I was in the hospital because the rest of the food looked like SAD dog food.

    Maybe check Costco. I only have access to them online, but every once in awhile they do pallets of survival food. I'm thinking in the warehouse they might have quantities that might be useful to you? - SPAM in single serving packets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patti View Post
    dried fruit, dried veggies such as zucchini, dried fish, canned fish, coconut oil
    Yes yes. Use that dehydrator for more than jerky! Make lara bars (google around for fav recipes, even here there are several threads), make gorp from nuts, coconut, bits of chocolate (not sure of the temp where you're going or if the chocolate would melt....?) for good energy. Potato chips. Sweet potato chips. Canned meats. Olives. Dry cheese.

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