I'm aware that sex is always an explosive topic, so I'd just like to say at the start that I genuinely want to hear other people's perspectives and I hope that we can all learn from each other...!

When you're in a relationship with someone, what do you think is a reasonable amount to have sex?

I ask because when I was in a long term relationship my SO wanted to have sex once or twice a day. For the first year or whatever I was up for it, but after that I would have been happy with five nights a week. BUT, the SO always took me not wanting to have sex as a personal slight; would guilt trip me etc; and most of the time I ended up having sex with him when I didn't want to: purely cos' he was giving me grief. If any other women have done this, you'll know it's a horrible feeling. Ultimately it was very destructive for me, him, and our relationship.

I didn't really think about it for a few years, til a recent conversation with someone who described a similar scenario. Then I started thinking of other women who recounted similar situations: all of them mentioning how crabby their boyfriends get if they don't get sex when they want it (which seems to be most of the time )

So, ladies and gents, do you believe that men and women have inherently different libidos, and if so, what is the way of navigating this in a relationship?