Hey everyone

Just joined the forum after about a year of lurking. I've been eating primal/paleo style for about 2 years now and just recently have encountered some issues with disordered eating habits.

Before I get into my story here's some background info:
-I'm a Male, 5'9, 18 years of age.
-I'm currently enrolled in a one year intensive visual effects program (high stress/sedentary)
Started at: 156lbs
Currently: 129lbs

About 5 months ago I made the decision to lose some body fat after being sedentary for 6 months due to injury+school. I began tracking my calories on my fitnesspal and started with an easy cut:

-1750-1650 calories a day (not net)
-3x week doing strength training /light cardio (20 minutes)
- 2 days of cardio (60 minute sessions)
-no more than 150g of carb a day
-no more than 60g of sugar

I began to lose weight slowly but I wasn't seeing results so I cut my carbs/calories and raised my exercise and now 5 months later I'm doing:

-1350-1550 calories (not net)
-3x strength+ 30 minute HIIT a week
-3x 45-60 minute HIIT cardio a week
- No more than 100g of carb a day
- No more than 40g of sugar a day

Over the past month, I've been experiencing intense night sweats (my bed gets completely soaked), painful muscle cramps in the morning and I'm constantly freezing despite being in well air conditioned environments. While my cardio has improved and I've cut down alot of fat, my gym performance is suffering and I feel and move like an old person (constantly tired, stressed, grumpy.)

The thing is I'm no longer hungry throughout the day and fear my metabolism is shot. I also feel like I do better on fats than carbs.

Here's an average day:

7 am Breakfast: (example: 3 eggs,1 lb of frozen vegs, 1/2 avocado)
2 pm Lunch: lunch (can of tuna, 1lb of veg, 1/2 avocado)
8 pm Dinner: (2 eggs, 1/2lb of veg, 1/4 can of coconut milk)

Carbs 70-95g
Fat: 50-80g
Protein 80-120g

Now what I want to do is maintain my body composition and not feel like crap throughout the day. How would i got about doing this? Is it possible for me to make smalls gains without gaining body fat?

Thank you so much for reading, I'm a major noob (as you can see) ,any advice would would greatly appreciated