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Thread: In which I EAT MORE FAT! (Nutritional Ketosis)

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    In which I EAT MORE FAT! (Nutritional Ketosis)

    Hello all!

    On/off PB for about a year. Had good results, then got derailed by a family health crisis and a wicked bout of depression.

    High weight: 184
    Low Primal weight: 163 (December 2013)
    Most recent weight (a few weeks ago): 183

    I've been following a ketogenic diet for a week now. I haven't weighed yet, but I've lost 11 inches! I'm very clear-headed and grounded.

    Delicious things I'm eating in keto:
    Cowboy bacon
    Wild salmon basted in butter and fines herbes
    Spicy Italian sausage
    Whipped cream
    Blueberries and whipped cream
    Bacon Caesar salad
    Eggs sunny side up with avocado slices
    Pepperoni crisped in the toaster oven

    I am 5'9" and I eat about ~2000-2200 calories a day, with an 80/15/5 split.

    My older brother was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma grade 2 tumor in February and had a craniotomy to remove it. Since then we've been reading everything we can about what he can do to slow or prevent regrowth. A ketogenic diet keeps popping up. It also comes up as beneficial for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Bipolar, and depression.


    I don't lost weight easily and I'm prone to depression! Since I've started I've lost weight easily and my depression has abated. . I have two weeks to go into deep ketosis, and I'm interested to see what that feels like.
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