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Thread: Smell like poo/Leaky Gut

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    or see a doctor
    Quote Originally Posted by Shotglass View Post
    Go to a doctor

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    we got 2, anybody else?
    yeah you are

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    I agree on seeing a doctor. OTOH, when I searched "people who smell like feces," it seems that a lot of people who see doctors don't find a lot of knowledge.

    If it's leaky gut, you should be able to google "how to heal leaky gut," and get a lot of results with a lot of common advice.

    9 Steps to Perfect Health – #5: Heal Your Gut
    15 Tips On How to Heal The Leaky Gut | Cook It Allergy Free
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    Obviously you need to be eating MUCH more bacon!!!

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    Another are your BMs? Is there a possibility that maybe you're not as clean after you do the paperwork as you think? If you follow the paperwork with one of those moistened wipes, you'll be surprised at how much the wipes take off after you thought you were clean.

    And another thing: has anyone mentioned it to you, or are you the only one that's noticed it, as far as you know? I think doctors say that usually, it's unverifiable and they say it's in the patient's head. If it's real, other people know about it.

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    Bacon cures everything!!!

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