I just got back from my annual checkup with my new doctor. The results were pretty good in her eyes and mine, but there were a few things she is concerned with.

Doc said Cholesterol levels were good. Here are my numbers (Canadian):

5.0 Total
HDL 3.1
LDL 1.18

My sugar levels, thyroid, and BP was also good. My BP is usually on the high side of normal. The concerns were B vitamin levels were getting on the higher side of normal. My vitamin D levels were low. I wasn't surprised as I live in Canada. I am going to supplement with 1000 IU.

The one thing was my iron level were very low. The doc asked me if I was a vegetarian! I told her I eat more meat and fat that most people. I hinted about the no grain thing.

Anyone know how I can have low iron as a 46 year old male eating red meat? Any concern about high vitamin B levels?