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Thread: Re-Starting Strength: "newb gains" and nutrition

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    Re-Starting Strength: "newb gains" and nutrition

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    After a couple recent successful forays in to the gym, and reading the "why don't men lift" thread, I've decided to give Starting Strength another go around. I was on the program from January to March, and saw good gains. However, I made three big blunders: I let my diet get out of control for "progress' sake", my form suffered for the same goal, and I got around 6 hours of sleep a night. In the process, I gained 15 lbs, probably most of which was fat. I somehow convinced myself that if I wanted to add 5 more lbs for the next workout, I'd need to down a McFlurry and a Big Mac. However I did add over +120 lbs on my deadlift and +60lbs on my squat.

    So this time around, my goal is to eat paleo with intermittent fasting. I've been doing IF for quite a while (both 20/4 and EatStopEat) with pretty good success.

    I'm 6'3 230lbs/26% BF and 23 years old, and prior to January, pretty virgin to weightlifting. With this in mind, can I expect to lose body fat by eating clean at maintenance (~2500 calories) and still progress? My original plan was to lose fat and then restart progressive overload in the Fall, but I wonder with my age and inexperience if I can lose more fat by training hard 3x a week.
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    If you're starting from a relatively high BF%, eating clean paleo, and not going crazy with overeating on calories, you'll probably make decent strength progress while also dropping fat for quite some time before you need to get into much "tweaking" the program.

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    I'd advise you to overeat by a moderate amount on the days you train. If you want to IF on your recovery days, keep the calories close to maintenance. Keep it clean. The weight will come off.

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