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    My grandparents used to have their main meal at lunch. They lived on a farm so it was easy for my grandmother to cook up a huge meal and my father to be home and eat it in the middle of the day. Obviously many of you can't do this, but putting that aside, do you think its better to have your bigger meal at night or in the middle of the day.?

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    I would never plan to eat a big meal. Eat the most only when you are the most hungry. If you force yourself to eat a bigger meal then you want, then you are getting more calories then you need and probably storing fat. For years I forced my self to eat breakfast because that is what CW said I had to do. I haven't eaten breakfast much in six months but I eat a lot at night, but I always ate a lot at night. I've lost 40lbs so far and am never hungry. Listen to your body it is smarter then you think!

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    I agree--listen to your body. I discovered that I'm a morning eater, and that's when I tend to have most of my food. Since I grew up in a house where 'supper' was the big meal of the day, I struggled to NOT eat in the evening when I wasn't hungry. It was purely psychological, and I've finally overcome that urge to eat 'dinner.' I might have a small snack about 4 pm, if I'm hungry, but I rarely eat any later than that.

    But this is just me. WHEN you eat is not as important as what you eat, so just let your body tell you when you should eat.

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