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Thread: Thyroid damage from eating paleo?

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    Thyroid damage from eating paleo?

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    I was just reading a blog that said many people come out of eating a paleo diet with thyroid damage. Has anyone else heard this? What's the science behind it? I'm hypothyroid due to Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The last thing I need is further thyroid damage. Thoughts?
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    i'm failing to see how eating everything but flour and canola oil could damage anything

    maybe they were low carbing it. maybe they were high carbing it. probably they weren't getting proper nutrition.
    yeah you are

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    Go look up some of Robb Wolf and Chris Kressers posts on thyroid. A wealth of info there

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    Low carb dieting of any persuasion can aggravate underlying thyroid issues. It can be avoided by simply eating adequate carbs. Starches, fruit, chocolate, dairy.
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    Foods that Cause Hypothyroidism » Diagnosis: Diet

    This post by Dr. Ede might be worth a read for you, Ann.

    Paleo diets tend to be very high in a lot of veggies that block absorption of iodine.

    Moral of the story is choose your veggies wisely.

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    To answer OP.... no science to it. Hashimotos thyroiditis responds great to a paleo diet as it is an autoimmune disease.

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    I have Hashimotos. I been eating paleo for about a 1.5 years now. I was on levothyroxine before starting to eat a paleo diet. I did really well eating paleo for the first 3 months. I felt great and would get comments from people about how good and healthy I looked.

    About 5 months into it, I decided to go LC and then VLC. After a month if that I was totally tanked. My hair was falling out like crazy. I had weight gain even though I watched my calories and went to the gym 6 days a week. I had other issues with LC too.

    I do really well with paleo now. I eat plenty of fruit, sometimes potatoes and some dairy. I had a thyroid ultrasound done a month ago and it showed a cyst. The doc said not to worry bc it wasn't inflamed. I accredit that partially to eating paleo, meaning no inflammatory oils or gluten.

    I also agree with what J3nn and paleobird posted above.

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    Just don't limit carbs too severely.
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    For what its worth, have had Hashimoto's for 16 years now, been on levothyroxine and was taking a very high dose (200mcg) I started eating paleo about 8 weeks ago and my thyroid meds are being decreased for the first time in all those years! Down from 200mcg to 150mcg. Coincidence ? I really doubt it!

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