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Thread: Hi from the Noob!

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    Hi from the Noob!

    Hello, I'm Amy! My fiancé and I discovered the PB awhile ago...we've been on it before, with great success, only to "fall off the wagon". We like doughnuts...they're usually what gets us. Sigh. SO. Yesterday, after going to the doughnut store and losing our week-long battle with carb crashing, we decided to really commit ourselves to the primal lifestyle. Why not?! We feel fantastic when we're living primal. I've been fighting obesity my ENTIRE life. IBS, joint pain, low energy, poor sleep quality, etc, etc, etc. It's time to commit. So, today is day 1. I'd like to keep a journal....thinking it may help. Wish me luck!

    Grok On! <3

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