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Thread: Coconut milk - why didnt anyone tell me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprimalmomma View Post
    I just checked amazon for aroy...I'm assuming I want the coconut cream not coconut milk right?
    They are the same thing except for the water content. It is cheaper and easier to store if you buy the cream. You can always dilute it later if you want.

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    One more step to being free of grocery stores. Now if Costco would just do their awesome online tp deal more often. heh. Thanks to the OP and everyone for the info!
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    I actually eat nothing from the grocery store anymore...trader joes, fresh market and the internet meet all of my needs...just go for the non-primals I live with and houshold products.

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    I tried only homemade coconut, made from coconut milk plus water, I can't say that its very delicious but maybe I was just doing something wrong. I've heard many times that canned coconut milk is much more delicious so I'm also going to try it because coconut milk benefits are numerous. Here is also some info about the nutritional value of coconut milk.
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    I like to store it in a cool place so I can poke a hole through the fat that rises and drain off some of the liquid. Then it's even more creamy. I also go to Asian markets and get the coconut cream that says its for desserts. I think they use younger coconut. It tastes a lot more fragrant or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pezerinno View Post
    Can I just confirm creamed coconut is also just as good for you? I buy the biona organic creamed coconut 200g blocks which you just mix with water to make coconut milk.
    Yes I think it is the same stuff as what you buy in cans. Up here we can get either blocks or cans from the chinese supermarket, and the end result seems the same.

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