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Thread: To lower BG, should I up fats when hungry?

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    To lower BG, should I up fats when hungry?

    Hi all- 2 questions
    Some may know that I am on a journey to lower my BG levels which are in the 6s (pre-primal my last test had been 5.1). I was told to keep protein levels down too since excess protein can convert to BG. Well, today my fasting BG was 7.4 (BP= 104/77, pulse 80), the highest yet after working to change my food intake (been primal for 2 years, no dairy for a few weeks so more paleo now). Yesterday I had 119 grams of protein, while I ought to have had 1/2 of that according to formula. The protein was from fish and a small piece of liver. Anyway, if my carbs are already where I want them to be (55 grams yesterday) should I just have a spoonful of fat to alleviate hunger (felt hungry at supper time). Yesterday my calories were 1300 with 119 gm protein, 112 gm fat and 55 gm carbs (28,59,13%, respectively, of total cals).
    Today, I began the day with no berries and with low carb greens plus a boiled organic egg. I thought that maybe if I cut out fructose completely I could 'save' so that when hunger hits later in the day, I could maybe have say a veg stir-fry or something.
    1. What are your thoughts re the above statement?
    2. The other question is...How often should I eat for BG to be even and lower? I simply am not hungry often and have been eating only when hungry for quite some time, IFing at times for 20 hours. I have cut coffee to one in the morning.

    Thanks for reading!
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