I've been reading other journals for a while and want to join in! I started primal about a year and a half ago - transition wasn't hard since I always avoided processed foods. My goal has mainly been for health but there's some vanity involved too. Always trying to lose the last 10 lbs, even though I'm now in pretty good shape. I've tried a bunch of stuff on the way (LC, VLC, low-fat, potatoes!). I finally just said to hell with all that and focus on what I like that is still healthy. Found my back to eating mostly eggs, seafood, meat, potatoes/tubers and fruit. I really don't eat veggies, they make my stomach hurt and I doubt I'm missing much for nutrition.

Food for today:
2 eggs in coconut oil and some diced onion
A bunch of pineapple
Cup of bone broth with powdered gelatin
Coffee with heavy cream and honey (replenished throughout the AM)

Sardines in oil
Pink grapefruit

Ground beef browned with garlic, onions then dusted with potato flour and a cup of hot bone broth to make a gravy. Add heavy cream. Yum
Mashed potatoes - don't know how much, I don't weigh anything. Probably too much but could have eaten all of it. Tried not to lick out the remainders from the kids' bowl. Used a spoon instead!

Dagoba Mexican hot chocolate with powdered gelatin

Blue Ice Royal fermented cod liver oil/butter oil (vit D and A)
Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in water, all day
Amazing Grass Green Superfood (with ENERGY!!!) 1st thing in the am
Great Lakes powdered grass-fed gelatin powder. Twice a day - in the am with bone broth and pm with hot chocolate
Vega post workout recovery powder

Les Mills Body Pump - weight-lifting class. I love it but am giving cross fit a go this summer to ramp up the fitness before starting racquetball tourney season. So this was probably my last class for a while. 1st on boarding for cross fit tomorrow - my intro session left me whipped so I have high hopes for more pain! I'll probably wish I hadn't done this last body pump class by this time tomorrow, but we'll see . . .

Sleep - eh, 7 hours. Have to take some kind of night time meds to fall asleep most nights, unless I want to make red wine my friend. Tylenol PM or something usually does the trick - haven't had much luck with Valerian and my one experience with Ambien left me trapped in a nightmare dreamscape full of menacing construction paper bunny monsters so fuck that.