I'm a little bit nervous about my upcoming vacation...because I will be out of town for a month. When I go out of town for the weekend, I always intend to eat really healthy and then end up eating whatever I want all day every day. It sucks because I always think this time will be different, I'll be able to have some self control, and it NEVER works out that way. It seems that every time I am out of my routine here at home, I don't know how to function.

Going out of town for an entire month is so scary for me!

Does anybody have any advice for staying on track when on vacation? I should mention that I do not need to lose anymore weight (5'4'', 118 lbs), but I am trying to get leaner and stronger. I know on vacation I should let myself live a little, but I can never just live a LITTLE, only a LOT!

Thanks in advance