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Thread: paleo lunch ideas (needs to be stored at room temp. for 5 hours)

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    paleo lunch ideas (needs to be stored at room temp. for 5 hours)

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    I leave my house at 7:30 to go to class and then after that I immediately drive to work and arrive at 12:30. At work, there is a full kitchen with refrigerators, microwaves, and utensils. But I need some paleo lunch ideas that can be stored at room temperature in my car for those 5 hours until I reach work. My options for buying lunch are very limited, as there aren't paleo-friendly restaurants near me and I'd like to save money anyways.

    Is there anything I could make that could last that long without refrigeration? I could IF and I'd be fine energy-wise, but I would feel hungry and I am trying to gain weight so I don't want to miss meals.
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    Can you buy a lunch bag and throw in an ice pack or two?

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    ^That's what I do.

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    I have a little 6-pack sized mini-cooler with an ice pack that I leave in my car every day with my lunch inside. I can bring anything I want.

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    I put frozen veggies on top of my lunch food - keeps it cool until I heat everything up to eat.

    Also, I frequently leave my food at my desk all day at work (even when I don't put the frozen veggies on it) and it is always fine when I eat it.
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    Cheese (if you eat cheese)
    hard boiled eggs - probably better if they're still in the shell
    veggies - carrots, cucumbers would probably be ok
    beef jerky

    but if you leave your lunch in the car, parked in the sun then you're probably better off with a cooler and an ice pack, as others have said.
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