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Thread: White rice and carb count

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    White rice and carb count

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    Does the carbohydrate content of white basmati rice when cooked decrease? Looking at the nutrition label here, 40g carbs for 180g 'cooked'... but per '100g' 78.4g... confused...

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    I think the difference is caused by the fact that rice absorbs water after it is cooked. Thus, the weight of cooked rice includes water, while the weight of uncooked rice does not. So for the same weight of rice, cooked rice will have less carb content than uncooked rice because the weight of the cooked rice includes water.

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    100g raw is about 250g when cooked.
    your 180g cooked weighed about 70g raw
    this obviously depends on how you like your rice cooked though
    roughly 2.5x heavier than when cooked
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