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Thread: So, why men won't lift weights?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misabi View Post
    Frank Zane: I tried bulking up a few times and it was always a disaster. It was just a loss of about a year because you get back to what you looked like originally. What happened when I did that...Actually I did that for training for the 1972 professional Mr. Universe in London. I got up to about almost 210, huge thighs. I got pretty smooth. About 5 weeks before the contest I realized I had a lot of work to do, so I dropped about 10 pounds, came in around the mid 190s and won the show. But I noticed that I was not as defined as I was the year before because I bulked up. The year before I didnít, so I learned from that.
    What a pity. The poor guy had to lose 10 lbs over 5 weeks and got bigger than he ever had by overeating and lifting.

    I have a hard time putting extra weight on (my frame and the bar) when I'm below about 18% body fat. If I cut out milk for 2-3 days, my weight starts dropping. Visibly.

    If strength is priority # 1, and you're not quite overweight to begin with, you will get better results by eating a ton of food. It's actually really hard to eat "clean" and get in the amount of calories I need. Hence the milk, which I'd rather not eat.

    I think this is a personal choice, and varies by the individual. I'm not a hardgainer compared to a lot of people I've known, but I can't stay lean and put on muscle nearly as easily as I can put on muscle with some fat and then take off the fat. I think I'm probably in the majority.

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    Because I don't want to.

    After almost two years of Primal Blueprint, walking, sprinting, swimming, kayaking, and PBF, I'm down to a nice 6'1" 185 (from 235) and very much like the way I look. Hell, the no gym/weightlifting is probably the best part; I haven't picked up a single weight, stepped foot in a gym, or spent a single red cent on membership dues!

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    I love getting stronger and now I've convinced my husband to sign up to a local gym (it's probably the cheapest gym in town, they have no classes, but they have lots of free weights and lifting platforms and stuff... More than the other gyms I've seen in town).

    He always hated the idea of going to a gym but I'm hoping he'll see sense (despite not lifting he's still pretty strong).

    That being said if you don't wanna lift weights then don't! I couldn't care less what other people do or don't do. I think I'm in the majority as a woman who wants to lift heavy and get more muscles! And you know what? I don't care whether other people think that's a bad thing or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Papou View Post

    5 - During my first year of mostly cardio, it was more of a chore to hit the gym. I did it consistently but it had a lot to do with willpower. Now, I really look forward to hitting the gym 3 or 4 times a week and regret when I miss a day. Due to a bunch of circumstances, I missed about 10 days in a row and it was killing me. I killed it when I got back

    Sorry to ramble but I believe fear of the unknown and embarrassment are the biggest reasons men are afraid to lift. It took me a while to work up the will to do it but I'm so happy that I got over the hump and did it.

    I'm 50 and in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. I can play with my 3 year old grandson all day long and keep up with my four kids who are all in their 20's.

    No bull, if I can do it you can do it. It's not my style to write posts but I've been following this one and it really hit a nerve.
    Papou, you are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Way to go!

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