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Thread: Evil, nasty voice inside my head!

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    I am the lizard king

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    I call my inner voice Lizard Brain. It never wants me to succeed. It's always negative. It never wants me to have fun. It's always trying to talk me out of doing things that are good for me. For the past few years, when it tells me to do something like skipping my tai chi class or whatever, I say to myself, "Aw, it's just the Lizard Brain, don't listen to it." I also have positive mantras like "life rewards action" and "feeling healthy and looking good is way better than _____________." I don't always win, but most of the time I do!

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    Lizard Brain! I love it. I need to find a derogatory name for the negative voice I hear once in a while. Fortunately, it only tells me to eat bad things. I never listen to it, but it's irritating nonetheless. Maybe Inner Fatso or something. Otherwise, I also have a postive inner voice, which I just consider to be me. I don't want to own up to the negative one.

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