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Thread: Lurking about a year

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    Lurking about a year

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    My basic / only focus the first 12 of the past 18 months was keeping carbs around 20 gram per day.

    Ruptured bicep tendon in February turning doorknob...

    The recent ~ 8 months, I have gradually made more Primal food choices, began IF once or twice a week, Primal exercise -- I'm slow to write up -- sometime soon I intend to post an in depth report of what I did -- my best statistics are going from 50 inch waist Levi jeans to 38 inch designer slim jeans ; all metabolic syndrome lab work now 'pristine' (quoted by my personal physician)

    Ruptured bicep tendon in February turning doorknob...unusual winter and behind on many projects now

    Many thanks to Sisson, Taubes, Attia and the many that post here on this forum and others like it.

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    Welcome. I'm glad Primal is going well for you.
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