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Thread: Weekend Dinner at a Vegetarians

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    Weekend Dinner at a Vegetarians

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    So my friend's son was graduating this weekend and I drove down to Berkeley to watch the ceremonies. I had dinner at my friends and we had some pakoras made from lentil flour and some large cucumber like vegetable (anyone know what I'm referring to?).

    So anyway, I figured since the pakoras were fried in lentil flour it would be okay. Then while watching Avatar the pizzas arrived...

    I only had two slices (to be polite) and boy did I pay the price! The next day my stomach was killing me all morning and well into the afternoon. I've been on the PB for about three months now and I did not know how bad those pizza slices would be. Never again!

    Anyway, I thought lentil flour was interesting (I didn't know there was such a thing.) From what I understand almond meal/flour and coconut flour are the only good primal flours? The pakoras were really delicious.

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    Alot of pizza places in SF offer gluten free pizzas. Its still not primal but if you have to eat pizza it will help you avoid all of the unpleasant digestive issues.

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    Ridge gourd perhaps?

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