I'm day 6. Just getting over the carb flu. I have a concern about electrolyte depletion. My labs have always shown me to ride on the lower end of the normal potassium range so anything that causes a diuretic effect can present a serious problem for me. I have tried increasing the amount of fresh spinach i eat, however my body reacts in a no-so-pleasant way to large amounts of vegetables. I have tried supplements in the form of potassium chloride salt and potassium gluconate tablets and have nausea and severe bowel disturbances even when taken with a meal. I have tried juicing the spinach which is much more tolerable than eating it however, in order to meet the RDA I would have to juice huge amounts of spinach every day not to mention it would put me way over on my carb intake.

I'd like to know if there is a primal-friendly supplement that will provide the potassium I need and possibly other minerals and vitamins as well. I feel I am missing out by not being able to consume lots of vegetables and I don't want to become unhealthy.

What about amino acids? Do I need to supplement those as well?