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Thread: Need more potassium. How can I get it?

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    I was going to add the mag supplement note added to K to mine but forgot it in the posting about other sources of potassium from foods.

    I take a medication that depletes K badly... I have to manage it with a very low sodium diet, and I always take my K supplements with a side of Mag for balance because it gets better results.
    Just a day or two of forgetting my K supps can get me into a tight spot with those heart palps.
    But most people should be able to work it out with food... even low carb, some fish, avocado, greens.
    However those 99mg K caps are very low dose... as long as someone isn't taking many of them they really aren't a big deal short term.
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    Coconut water is also high in potassium. Love dark chocolate Zico.
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    Bananas but be aware they increase serotonin.

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