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    Cool Lady Gecko (Theresa) is BAAAAAAAACK

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    Well, here I am. It's been 2 years at least since I tried PB. I had a little success here and there with my WL efforts, but not much. For the last 6 weeks, I've been binging on processed crap. And the scale today was up 10 pounds. Water weight, should fall off pretty quickly, I hope!

    This time around, my hubby is changing his eating too. We BOTH feel so much better when living a LC lifestyle! So............ Here. We. GO!
    Lady Gecko, a.k.a. Theresa.

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    Definitely best if you're both eating the same things. Well done. I'm trying to remember now why I ever fell off the LC wagon and I seem to recall cravings that would lead me back to processed crap that I'm just not getting now with primal.
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