I am a 39 year old man. I have been practicing Paleo for about year and a half. I just had my lipids test and my TC was 394! LDL 278 HDL 64 TRI 52. I am gluten free and dairy free. My diet consists mostly of proteins (grass fed beef, eggs, organic chicken, nuts and fish), carbs (green vegetables, with once a week sweet potato or acorn squash and thin skinned fruits post workout) and liquids (water, tea, and organic coffee). I always have a protein shake post workout. I also use organic butter or coconut oil to sauté veggies and cook my eggs. I strength train 4 days a week (twice a week with trainer). Pre-Paleo I weighed 180 lbs with body fat% of 28%. I currently stand at 5' 8" and my dream of becoming 6 ft. is over! Pre-Paeo I ate and drank whatever I wanted and felt miserable, BUT my cholesterol was 160. My success with training and eating a paleo diet has brought me to a weight of 164 lbs. and body fat of 14.5%. I feel better than ever, but my LDL is scary high. My doctor did not put me on statins, but wants me to reduce my protein intake to 75 grams per day, eat more complex carbs, and reduce my butter intake. I have been eating easily over 300 grams of protein per day. Everyday day I always had a source of red meat (Grass fed) and eggs. My wife practices the same diet and strength routine, her cholesterol 134. This has messed with my brain! Is it too much red meat, maybe an intolerance of something. I know high cholesterol is produced by inflammation. Where could that be coming from? Any help would be appreciated. Paleo has changed my life for the better, but I am not comfortable with my LDL that high. Doctor did say he would look at particle size, but wants to see it go down some first.