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Thread: I love eggs and would die if i became allergic to them

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToldUzo View Post
    To avoid egg intolerance:
    First of all don't eat egg whites raw, only the egg yolks. That means cooking the whites till they turn white. Secondly, eat only organic/pasture raised eggs. Third, give it a break for some months (in winther time for instance) every year. Fourth, eat the eggs whole or just the yolks - not only the whites for a prolonged time.
    FWIW, I became sensitive even though I never ate raw egg whites. And I never ate whites alone.

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    This happened to me! I got a food allergy test (wahoo) only to tell me that EGGS & EGG WHITES are a HUGE problem for me! I find it slightly erroneous because I felt fine on eggs... However, apparently they cause me EXTREME exhaustion. I have a feeling some other foods I am eating are doing the same thing, because I am still tired... However, before I decided to go NO EGG totally, I tested myself to see how I would react and about 2 days after eating the eggs, BAM - I got hit by the exhaustion truck! I think I may try to eat eggs again this weekend though, I miss them so very much!

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    Gigi, I wonder if eggs from something other than a chicken would cause you the same problems. I like duck eggs and quail eggs too.
    Might be worth looking into before giving up hope on eggs entirely.

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