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Thread: Need advice from those that eat only meal a day/ Warrior Diet

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    Need advice from those that eat only one meal a day/ Warrior Diet

    Based on my schedule this makes a lot of sense to me and I want to try it out for a good three months.If it works for me. I will be doing it for a very long time. I just have a few questions and concerns:

    1. How long will it take for the hunger pains to go away and my body adjust?
    2. Should I eat something small everyday when I wake up or should I just drink water or black coffee then have my one primal meal a day? I prefer drinking water throughout the day then eating something small throughout the day.
    3. If I do need to eat something, what should I eat? Vegetables, hard boiled eggs, canned salmon?
    4. Is it really true I will experience a surge of energy and mental fog will go away?
    5. Why did you choose this way of eating one meal a day?
    6. Have you ran into any issues when going out with friends/family, barbecue's and parties?

    For those that are wondering. I work from 3:30 pm to Midnight Monday through Friday. Go to sleep when I get home and wake up and go to school at my local community college.
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