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Thread: Need advice from those that eat only meal a day/ Warrior Diet

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    This is just my experience - recently I've been eating 1 meal on non-workout days, and then 2 the PWO meal on workout days (simply to get it all in). My two cents on the questions you asked:

    1. How long will it take for the hunger pains to go away and my body adjust?
    --For me it did after the first day or two. If I actively think about eating, then I feel uncomfortably hungry, but as long as I'm not spending all my time brooding about food then it's perfectly doable.

    2. Should I eat something small everyday when I wake up or should I just drink water or black coffee then have my one primal meal a day? I prefer drinking water throughout the day then eating something small throughout the day.
    --I'm not familiar with the specifics of the warrior diet, however eating small constantly throughout the day seems like it's negating the effects of IF, and more like constantly grazing than anything else. If that's what you really want to do, then do it. However, if your goal is to just eat one meal a day (or eat within a window), then that's not doing that.

    3. If I do need to eat something, what should I eat? Vegetables, hard boiled eggs, canned salmon?
    --If you really need to eat (physiological, not psychological) then pick any item that's primal in the kitchen and chow down. However, if you're eating one big meal a day then it seems very unlikely you would be going long enough to actually physically need to eat.
    That being said, in my experience he psychological need to eat has the potential to be disruptive to life. If coffee/tea doesn't do it, and you can't wait a few hours, then I would just suggest making it an eating window and having multiple meals within that window.

    4. Is it really true I will experience a surge of energy and mental fog will go away?
    --Everyone's body is different. You may or you may not.

    5. Why did you choose this way of eating one meal a day?
    -Potential fat loss benefits
    -I like structure, and this helps keep my eating very structured
    -On days were I'm aiming for a calorie deficit, in makes it hard to overshoot
    -I turns out I workout better fasted
    -Grok didn't wake up, fry some bacon and eggs, have leftovers for lunch and then whip up some dinner at night. He would have woken up, spent the day finding food, and then munched down on it.
    -I don't spend all day in the kitchen. Just have to cook once a day now, which could be as simple as browning meat, chopping veggies, and throwing it all in the Crockpot to have a casserole for dinner.

    6. Have you ran into any issues when going out with friends/family, barbecue's and parties?
    --Hasn't been an issue yet. If it ever comes up, I plan on chowing down on some BBQ or having a drink regardless of my one meal or eating window. Just as you shouldn't let the perfect become the enemy of the good, you also shouldn't let it become the enemy of having fun.
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    I've only been doing one meal a day for 10 days, but I've been vlc for about 6 months so my body should be well adapted to burning fat, whether it's from what I'm eating or my own fat stores. As a result I never experienced hunger pangs. I just feel empty, which is always a more comfortable feeling for me.

    I also need to lose plenty of fat still, so it makes sense for me to restrict what I'm eating and one meal a day is an easy way to do this. So far it's working well. I haven't yet had to deal with friends or going out, but I eat primal and low carb anyway so my friends are used to it. If I met friends for lunch - when I normally eat dinner - I'd probably eat lunch and then maybe something high-fat just before going to bed to make sure I'm not empty. And I'd take the hit on my fast that day being somewhat shorter.

    I have no idea about energy and mental fog as I'm in a fairly stressful and sleep-disturbed situation, but I certainly don't feel worse than I was eating 3 meals plus snacks.
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