Hello - I'm new to this forum, and wasn't sure which section to post under, none really seemed to fit. Since I'm most interested in nutrition, this is where I ended up. I am 30, and I have recently been diagnosed with MCTD - I had bad joint pain, hair loss, IBS symptoms and chronic fatigue. Looking on the internet for less drastic means of coping than prednisone, I came across the paleo diet, and from there to MDA. I have been on the diet for about three months, although 100% (or perhaps 95%) only for a month. So far I have lost the IBS, fatigue and nearly all the joint pain - I don't need to take painkillers (which is a big step for someone who was almost unable to walk, and incapable of picking up my 2 yr old). I wondered if there are any other primals with auto immune diseases out there, and what they could advise nutrition-wise to help symptoms? I also have very high ANAs in my blood work (last done in February, before properly going primal), anyone know how to get these down?

I'm really convinced and inspired by MDA, and I would really like to know more that is relevant to my situation.