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Thread: Primal soaps, shampoos?

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    I love using coconut oil on my face and now use it exclusively, it has really balanced the oils that my face produces and I dont have a greasy face anymore. I rub it in before i get in the shower and use a face cloth to remove the excess, and before bed i just rub it it in. I like making a salt scrub with sweet almond oil as an exfoliant.

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    I use dr. bronners soaps.

    INGREDIENTS: Water, Saponified Organic Coconut, Organic Palm and Organic Olive Oils (w/Retained Glycerin), Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Citric Acid, Vitamin E

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    Yep. Good stuff. It's what I use for soap.

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    I bought Dr.Bronners a few months ago, but being so used to the lather of regular soap, the lack of lather in Dr.Bronner's was a tad disconcerting.

    @Chaosthetic and sbhar: Do you dilute it in a gallon of water as indicated on the bottle? I tried using it directly on my skin.

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    I thought I'd comment as I'm a soap maker. I haven't bought commercial soap or shampoo for years now due to problems with the commercial products I was experiencing. Most of what people think of or buy as "soap" isn't soap, it's "deoderant bar" or "beauty bar". Those things aren't soap and can't legally be marketed as soap. Your best bet is to find a soap maker at a local farmer's market or through sites like Local Harvest or Etsy. Even many commercial real soaps have the glycerin pressed out of them which can lead to dry skin for you (glycerin naturally occurs in soap and is very moisturizing for the skin). Look for cold process soap (you can ask the soapmaker) and if it smells really smelly, steer away from it as it's mostlikely scented with an artificial scent (= bad & full of petrochemicals). You can always make it for yourself, too, which isn't rocket science. That way you can choose the oils you want in the soap & that's just awesome. Check out The Soapmaker's Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch for how-to and recipes. She has an excellent shampoo bar recipe, too.

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    I don't know about shampoo but you can find some primal soaps at the following link.

    not to mention just about any type of grass fed meat you can think of and a host of other things that fall nicely into the primal lifestyle.

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    Many of the chemicals used in producst are known or probable carcinogens. Even in some "natural" or "organic" brands they still use dangerous chemcials and green washing techniques to make you believe they are healthy. Your only way to be sure that there is absolutely no dangerous chemicals in products is to have a third party organic seal of approval, like the USDA organic seal. ( Don't be fooled by "organic cosmetic standards" - these are a lesser standard, and still allow chemicals and chemical processes).

    DR. Bronner's definitely falls into this category, but if you are interested in a arger variety of products ( hair, body, oral, cosmetics, lotions, shaving gels etc.), and more luxurious products... check out the miessence range.. they are certified to organic food standards, so it is like eating organic food:

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    As a person who has dealt with eczema, I can tell you that soap and alcohol cleansers are NOT the way to go. Alkaline soaps and alcohols dry the skin out and retard one of the most important functions of your skin--protection!

    The skin works best at a pH of 5.5; some specially-made cleansers are acidic in nature and maintain the body's natural pH.

    I personally like Seba-Med. It's expensive, and manufactured in Germany, but it's worth it. Johnson and Johnson's make a 5.5 pH version, but I don't believe it's sold in the US.

    I know the emphasis is on unprocessed and "clean" living, but aside from water, this is the only alternative I would use.

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    Has anybody tried Juice Organics cleansers? It's not completely "organic" (has a fair share of strange ingredients) but my mother seems to really like the stuff. (6$/6oz. bottle)

    Shelby, coconut oil seems to work well for you? I have oily/acne-prone skin and am worried it wouldn't work for me. I tried the oil cleansing method with olive oil, but it was really a pain in the ass making sure my face was completely rinsed afterward. Do you use lotion?

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    I swear by African Black soap and raw African Shea butter for an after shower moisturizer.

    The Black soap is made from coconut oil, cocoa pod ashes, plaintain skin ashes and palm oil. That's it! I LOVE It because it foams up really really well (something I find lacking in many other natural soaps.) PLUS it also doubles as a shampoo! Just wet your hair and rub the bar into your hair, lather, and rinse. It's amazing.

    Raw African Shea Butter is a multi-use skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. Due to the high vitamin content, it also doubles as a sunscreen and keeps the skin protected from wind and cold, too. It's great!

    Malie Products from Hawai'i are amazing also:

    The Koke'e Cream Soap is my favorite!


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