I am on day 9 of attempting to eat more primal food. So far it's been OK but due to some of my personal food preferences (don't eat meat and don't like many veggies) I've been eating a lot of fish, nuts and fruit. Hopefully this will still work OK for me or I'll just have to start eating more veg. I'm also on the second week of the lean phase of Chalean Extreme.

I have a bodybugg (or kifit here in the UK) and found that although I was eating approximately 800 calories less than I was expending my weight didn't change at all (even with the CLX). After doing some on-line research I found this site, brought the book and started what I hope to be a life change.

It's great to read all about your success and get some receipe ideas and I hope I'll be able to post my success story soon.

Are there many UK primal folks out there? If so, where do you get almond butter and your coconut oil from??