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    The body responds pretty quickly to dietary changes, so the results of ending the juice diet will be equal and opposite the results of starting the juice diet.

    Temporary spasms aren't worth the anxiety IMO. Upgrading our nutrition is an ongoing process. Sometimes the steps are very small, sometimes we reverse a step that isn't working, but there's no need for weird extremes.

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    I bought a juicer, did it for a week- just juice- and then I had a pretty severe meltdown, mentally. I forgot that I don't function without meat. YMMV. I have used it since then, though, as a supplement to my regular diet.

    If you're having a bad time with the carb flu, think more salad/sweet potato/squash instead of mostly meat. You don't have to go super low carb in order to reduce your carb intake (and increase your nutrient intake). My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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    My husband and I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly dead and had the same response that you did...great results and seems pretty straight forward to do. We are both pretty average in health but could definitely shed some weight so decided to give it a go. I lasted 5 days on it before I reverted back to eating because as much as juicing provides you with the nutrients and vitamins you need, I missed the act of chewing and eating my meals. On day 6 I went back to eating, but had juice for 2 out of 3 meals and would eat a healthy primal dinner along with it. After 30 days, I had lost 15 lbs. My husband on the other hand has insane willpower and was able to do the whole 30 days of juicing!!! He found great success with his fast: 35 lbs in 30 days. Also, I should mention, before embarking on his fast he did consult with his doctor who actually gave great advice and gave him the green light but told him the most important part of a fast comes after juicing; it's super important you be careful what you put into your newly cleaned out system after you fast. After completing his fast, my husband gained back about 7lbs from starting to eat again which is totally normal. All in all, we both found that juicing gave us a good first step in revitalizing our bodies and getting a clean slate to start primal with. We'll continue to do a juice fast every 3 months for 5 days or so to 'Reboot' as Joe from FS&ND calls it. A big warning though which wasn't mentioned in the movie....if you do the juice fast, around day 2 you will discover a new found super-human ability to smell food a mile away! We did our fast at the end of April(aka BBQ season kick-off) and we could smell (and start salivating) the food more intensely then ever before, other people who have done this fast that I have talked to have experienced the same. Best of luck in your ventures, whatever you decide to do but just remember a juice fast is just a temporary thing, not a permanent diet.

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    I'd say be careful with the juicing. Thats an awful lot of fructose for the liver to handle. If you're borderline diabetic, your liver is already insulin resistant. The most important point of that is that fructose, which is the sugar found in fruit, can't be processed like glucose. You see, glucose can be absorbed and utilized by any cell in the body immediately. Fructose, which is the sugar found in fruit, can only be processed in the liver. Especially being borderline diabetic, you would do yourself a much greater service by limiting your sugar intake and sticking to a good primal diet. The last thing you should be doing is jamming yourself with all that sugar. Do yourself a favor and watch this video.

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    A lot of vegetables are high sugar when made into juice. I have heard that carrot juice has more sugar than apple juice. Beet juice is also very sweet. They make sugar from beets, so that makes sense. So unless your juice is all celery and kale, you're going to be dumping huge volumes of pure sugar into yourself on a juice fast.
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    Juicing is a vitamin pill dissolved in sugar water. Primal is how to eat for life.

    Please try Primal again. If you lessen the carbs gradually stages before eliminating them, that might lessen your carb flu.
    Get off wheat before anything... substitute with potatoes and rice if you have to. Then ramp down the rice and potatoes.
    5'0" female, 44 years old. Started Primal October 31, 2011, at a skinny fat 111.5 lbs. Low weight: 99.5 lb on a fast. Gained back to 111 on sugar cheat. Currently fighting off sugar/candy cravings with bulletproof cocoa and a little rice.

    I (try to) follow by-the-book primal as advocated by Mark Sisson, except for whey powder and a bit of cream. I advocate a two-month strict adjustment for newbies. But everybody is different and should tweak Primal to their own needs.

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