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Thread: I think my body is fighting me.

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    I think my body is fighting me.

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    I have been keeping my carbs below 20 grams. I am on day 13 and intially i felt like i released a few pounds but now, after dinner, I feel stuffed and my belly looks fat its scary...

    3 pieces of bacon

    snack: hard boilef egg

    Collard leaf wrapped with eggs salad, pickles and tomatoe


    Pork ribs (8 ounces)
    6 0unces white wine

    I work out 6 days a week and todsy i drank about 32 ounces of water...i know i need more...

    I need to lose about 15 to 20 pounds.

    Lately my belly looks so bloated......i dont weigh but I can see the mirror....i feel like my body is confussed..its so use to old crazy HCG diets or juicing diets...i have been all over the map these last 3 years....all i can do is keep going becsuse i committed to di this for a lifetime.... but i sure wish the resitance would pass....i sense my body is holding water, confussed, resisting weight loss, plus more..

    Anyone else had this situation starting out? When did it finally pass? Im worried.

    Sorry for any typos..Im on my phone....thanks for any feedback

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    Stress is fattening!

    What kind of workouts? Intensity + 20g carb might cause a lot of stress and poor sleep. Don't adopt any routine that costs you worry and confusion because the results will only last as long as you keep doing it. Focus on complete nourishment, invigorating movements, and peace of mind. Your menu isn't bad for keto but keto isn't for everyone.

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    Hi, bacon, egg salad, pickles, ribs, wine - does any of that come from commercial sources or uses commercial condiments/food additives? If yes, try eating food closer to the natural state, and see if that helps.
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    There is something about your diet plan that makes me want to go eat a Big Ass Salad. And...alcohol bloats me like nothing else. You might drop the wine and add some veggies, at least.
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    Are you doing Atkins or Primal? Cause under 20grams of carbs is pretty low. Get those carbs up a bit, I'm a newbie too, just over 2 weeks, doing between 50 and 100 carbs, and still losing weight and inches. Get some fruits in there too, AND cut down the workouts. You might be going to hard on those.

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    It sounds like you are starving yourself and if you think after dinner your belly is huge, you are probably already thin. What does "workout 6 days a week" mean? Are you the girl with the ponytail bouncing back and forth on the stairmaster every single day for hours and hours?
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    Looks like you're not eating much. And you might not react so well to low carb. Replace the bacon with better meat - steak, pork, chicken and eat more than just that for breakfast. If you eat eggs with the meat, it's a real meal and you won't need to snack, possibly even add in some fruit. Lunch looks okay as long you are making the egg salad and all components are primal without any gross oils. Dinner is missing veggies and possibly some potatoes or squash to get your carbs up.

    Primal is not a very low carb thing. Some people make it that way, but it doesn't have to be. If you're not periodically having more carbs, your body may also be deciding to hold onto everything. If you've been on lots of diets over the years, you likely will need to just eat good, nutrient dense food for a while to allow your body to heal. After 3-6 months of healthy eating you can tweak things to meet your goals.

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    Thanks everyone for all the responses.

    As far as my workout:
    M: kettle bells
    T: PiYO
    W: Weights
    TH: Walks
    FR: Weights
    Sat: Yoga
    Sun: Rest day...

    I have been on the low carb Atkins for the last 2 weeks and re-reading Primal Blue Print. I thought I saw in there that 20 grams or less was the weight loss zone and of course up to 50 carbs too.

    I realized that a few of you pointed out my high sodium plus package foods: Bacon, pickles and the egg salad I added mayo....My salad had all the veggies you could think of but again, I realize the basics are key and so today I am going to avoid the package goods and just keep things a simple as i can and see how everyone does it here too.

    I know I need to figure out what is healthy when it comes to condiments for salad dressings for my salads and the mayo for the egg salad yesterday was low carb but as far as ingredients??? Again, I can see that i need to tweak a few things and learn from others here.

    I will transition over to Primal eventually but I want to do it right and just sticking to low carb (20 grams or so) while I'm half way through the book.

    I also read some folks say 80 grams of protein and others say who cares!! Again, feels a little crazy trying to know what is right for me and not...Anyways, thanks for all the input.

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    Refined oils are heavily implicated in fat gain so definitely lose the commercial mayo and salad dressing and replace with virgin oils (olive, avocado, macadamia). Homemade versions are very quick.

    Strength workouts at very low carb or calorie levels can be counterproductive so you might have to choose between growing stronger and making the scale number move.

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    The sweet spot for weight loss is 50-100 carbs. You need 0.7 to one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day (chapter 3) example; "a 155 lb moderately active woman who has 25% body fat (and thus) has 116 lb of lean body mass needs 93 grams of protein on average per day (116 x .8). If she gets 60 or 80 some days and 110 on others, she’ll still be in a healthy average range. And even if she exceeds the 110, it’s no problem if she’s eating low carb because the excess protein will convert to glucose, which will reduce her effective carbohydrate needs (see below). At 4 calories per gram, that’s between 320 and 440 calories per day in protein."

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