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Thread: Questions from a Badminton player..

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    Questions from a Badminton player..

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    Hi there..
    Great forum with lots of good information..!

    I have a question about athletic performance for a prof. badminton player..

    I practice 2 times a day, example:

    - 2 hours Of badminton in the morning
    - 1 hour of weights followed by 20-30mins of footwork (ladder drills etc.)

    Lately I've been upping my fat intake and lowering my carbs with moderate protein - with good Results, however I know that my practice is at pretty high intensity daily and I'm depleting my glycogen stores.. My questions is: how much carbohydrate should I consume in daily training? Any experiences from other athletes in High intensity sports?

    I'm 191cm and my weight is 81-82kg..

    Appreciate all respons's!


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    No help?

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