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Thread: Vitamin A poisoning from liver?

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    I'm now eating liver and kidney two or three times a week, mixed with ground beef/lamb onions and mushrooms. I'm probably only getting 50 - 75g of each at each serving though. But no, I wouldn't be concerned about eating liver weekly e.g. liver and bacon, liver and onions or 2 or 3 times in a row and then not for a while. Both those dishes were staples of 'home cooking' for many years in the UK and we're talking big slabs of liver not the 'added to' that I'm doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mystere9 View Post
    I faintly remembered hearing a story long long ago about a Homo Erectus fossil that was found to have died of Vitamin A poisoning. But I guess I only heard of it because it's one of a kind(Also I don't think there are many carnivore livers in your local farmer's market)

    KNM-ER 1808 | The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program
    True, polar bear liver is supposed to not be a such good idea also. Darn, no polar bear liver pate'.

    But that link only says this, "This 1.7 million-year-old femur (thigh bone) of a Homo erectus female shows how scientists can sometimes determine an individual’s cause of death, even after fossilization. An abnormal outer layer of bone on her thigh shows evidence of bleeding just before death. After consulting doctors and accounts of wilderness explorers, researchers concluded that an overdose of vitamin A—perhaps from eating a carnivore’s liver, which concentrates vitamin A—caused the bleeding and her death."

    Lots of things could cause bleeding before death. It's interesting speculation but I don't think that it is anything definitive.

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    I wouldn't worry about vitamin a overdose from foods. Even very high doses are supplemented to women for menorrhagia without any harm.
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    Benefits of Raw Liver and Grass-Fed Organs #281 - YouTube

    He addresses the poisoning issue as a part of this video and to my mind says basically not to worry.

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