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Thread: Feeling hungry after eating 2 pieces of steak + brocolli/tomatoes

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    What jumps out at me: no carbs.
    When you're young and active, many people need a decent amount of carbs to keep them going. Not ALL people, but definitely most. Eat your lean meats with sweet potatoes, parsnips, potato and other roots and tubers. Eat your fattier meat and your eggs with "fruit and flowers": broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, courgette.
    Minimum two meals a day. Ideally 3 or 4. Main proteins twice a day, main carbs once, main fats once. So breakfast: banana and tea, lunch fatty mince burger with a light salad, dinner grilled chicken breast with baked sweet potato. And, if you're hungry: eat more.
    You may need to tweak to suit yourself individually (some need less carbs, or to bulk on carbs earlier, some need more fat, some more protein...etc), but the very first step is to make sure you're getting ALL your macros.
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    According to the minute amount of info you provided in the OP, you don't say what your goals are by eating this way, but at 120lb you have no reason to restrict serving size or carbs. You're 16 and growing. EAT MORE FOOD. Specifically more good fats and plant-based carbohydrates, including fruits, nuts and tubers.

    Eat for optimal health. This means eating as much clean, natural, high-fat, nutrient-dense food as YOUR 16yo body is asking for. That *could* be 6000 calories in one day. Maybe not every day.

    Stop trying to emulate the goals of an overweight, sedentary, pre-diabetic 45 yo woman.

    And no, do not go have a snack to ward off hunger. FEED your hunger.

    This is not meant to be patronizing.
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