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Thread: Feeling hungry after eating 2 pieces of steak + brocolli/tomatoes

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    Feeling hungry after eating 2 pieces of steak + brocolli/tomatoes

    Some backgroun info-
    I recently found out about this primal thing and it seems very interesting. I'm 16 and i weigh around 120~ lb. I am usually not very physically active but i manage to do the daily pushups/pullups and some light walking. I usually spend my time sitting at school or at home playing videogames etc.

    Today i ate 0 grains, but i ate lots of meats and vegetables. After my meal I was pretty full and satisfied; however after 3-4 hrs i am feeling hungry (usually i can cope with hunger by skipping breakfast and lunch).

    I still havent eaten yet since i can control myself being hungry and not eating stuff; would it be reccommened to eat a light snack?

    Also if I have like 134 LDL (55HDL and 55Triglycerides), should I start exercising more or cutting back on my egg intake? Eat more vegetables?
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