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Thread: Morel mushrooms in cream sauce

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    Morel mushrooms in cream sauce

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    Found some of these rare spring delicacies at a little organic market today. They're local and just in season. I remember picking them as a teen, so delicious, and tried to recreate something I remember my mom making.

    Clean mushrooms thoroughly, trim ends, slice in half if large.

    Sautee in dry fry pan until excess liquid comes out of mushrooms and evaporates.

    Add butter, minced shallots, minced garlic, fresh ground sea salt and black pepper. When mushrooms and shallots are soft, add heavy cream (I used probably just over a cup), add thyme & rosemary (or whatever herbs you prefer). Bubble softly until cream thickens and reduces.

    Heavenly. Really, I tasted it and actually thought this was better than sex...honestly! (but I do love mushrooms). Couldn't help myself, oohing and aahing and dancing about the kitchen. Even my teenager who does not like mushrooms did quite like the sauce and wanted it with his meal (minus mushroom pieces...great, more for me).

    I poured this over leftover chicken breast warmed in butter. Would also be great with beef or pork. Also, it could be thinned with veg or chicken stock for a creamy wild mushroom soup.

    Had to share...I'm very content tonight! <burp>

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    Oh YUM!!! I adore morels! My dad used to take me "mushroom hunting" for them in the woods when I was growing up:-)
    You know what would be perfect with the dish you described? Some blanched asparagus! There's something very sympatico about morels and asparagus! I bet the morels would also be amazing in a red wine reduction over steak. I've done creminis that way and it was so good!

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    I've been looking for them on the trails where I live, but none have shown up yet. I'm lucky enough to be able to pick morels, chanterelles, puffballs and shaggy manes on the property where I live.

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