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Thread: Has anyone done "Simple Paleo" for weight loss?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momto3 View Post
    I took a saliva test which showed my cortisol is ok in the morning but does not drop like it should by bedtime. My NP said this is consistent with someone with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have been addressing this issue with changing the kind of and frequency of workouts. I have added a couple supplements to help me adapt to stress better. I have also begun yoga and breathing exercises.
    I see. there are some threads on mda about dealing with pcos and pcos-like symptoms. i'm sure there might be some helpful info for you in them

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    I once watched a video of a morbidly obese woman giving weight gain advice: "fry everything, cover it in sauces, and keep switching between salty and sweet so you can keep eating."

    That really got to me. I now get very turned off now by many hyperpalatable foods, I don't associate it with paleo/primal. When I go out to eat I avoid sauces, cheeses, and too much food combining. I used to cheat with fried foods (like a fried shrimp in my sushi), but I avoid that completely now.

    I think it helps immensely with digestion, bloating, and overall wellness. You're not tempted to eat more. I listened to a Chris Kresser podcast though and somewhere in it he's mentioned the research supports that low palatable foods are no more beneficial than moderately palatable foods. So sometimes you'll still catch me eating potato chips, but I wash it down with water and there's no flavoring...just salt. I don't overeat those kinds of things.

    It's a weird balance. I try my best to pick foods that I feel are simpler and do not trigger any overeating symptoms, and I think it's a great tool. It keeps me on track.

    Thanks for that WHS link. I liked the guy who had to ditch diet coke, although I wonder if removing diet coke would've been the ticket. I'm sure both helped. He explained he was ravenous after removing it. I have diet coke problems (weening off!) and that might explain some random hunger! DC is my final vice.

    I'm considering simplifying my food even further, and if I do, I'll let you guys know about it.
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