I am a 25 year old female and in good health. I am engaged, no children, and am not obese but am slightly overweight (in my eyes, maybe others wouldn't think so) I'm 5'6'' and 150 lbs but not muscular at all, my extra 30 or so lbs is mostly fat that I'd like to get rid of. My problem is the exact same problem as everyone else in the whole world who wants to lose weight but can't. Well, I'm probably better off than most, because I know exactly what to eat and how to work out to lose my weight. My issue is that I'm 25 with no children lol I have a wonderful significant other who likes to go out to eat and drink, I have several close friends and we socialize with each other by drinking and going out and eating. No different story than anyone else. My question for everyone reading this is, have you found a way to have your cake and eat it too? Do you practice 100% paleo/primal and still have a life with friends who don't? Did you have to find new friends who don't eat chips and queso and fried pickles and 34 oz mugs of beer at Pluckers every friday night? Did you stop drinking even though its a lifestyle that I still want to keep but still want to eat healthy? I don't need a lecture about how its a choice that you have to make - eating what you want or being healthy. I fully understand what I need to do. But we are social creatures, and I LOVE my friends and coworkers and my time with them going out is very important to me. But the peer pressure to join in their indulgences is really tough to deal with. I'm not saying that they would make fun of me for trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle, I guess I'm just trying to figure out how everyone else deals with the social aspect of their lives and the primal way of eating. I haven't started seeing the ill effects of a poor diet other than my extra weight on my rear. I did about a month of the primal eating and lost 10 lbs and felt great, but then weight loss stopped and I got frustrated and gave in to my cravings and gained it back. I need a way to stick to it, while still being able to socialize and keep my motivation high so when I'm confronted with the poor choices at the bar, I can confidently deny them. This is also just a venting post as well lol the friends that I would normally vent to are the ones that don't understand the primal life (I've tried to tell them about it, they think I'm crazy for thinking fat is healthy) I wish that socializing with people didn't have to mean going to a restaurant or bar to stuff your face with unhealthy crap. And I know that tons of people socialize with exercise, but not my friends lol I love them all dearly, but drinking and eating is just a part of my social circle, as is most everyone.