Hello everyone

A little background first - I have been primal for about two months now, and I love it - enjoying the wonderful benefits we all know about. I've lost about 8 pounds, and it shows - I'm not sure what my body fat is, but, based on pictures everyone puts up, I think its close to single digits.

Now, this whole next week, my girlfriend will be away. I want to surprise her when she comes back with a lean, single-digit body fat groktastic body. Heres the plan -

-Eat only once a day. I usually eat twice a day when not IF.
-Eat only meat. I have been fairly very low carb thus far, but theres always the occasional salad or something. I have been and will continue to supplement with fish oil + multivitamin for men. This week, food will mainly be eggs, bacon, beef, butter, poultry and fish.
-Drink only water/green tea.

-Four lifting sessions, spread throughout the week.(These vary every day, but I use sledgehammer/shovelglove, bodyweight, boxing, and object manipulation - poi, nunchaku, staff)
-Three sprint sessions
-Lots of walking - walk twice a day anyways with Rocko, my dog.

How does this sound? Any suggestions/improvements? I'll be taking some before pictures tonight, and Ill post the results of my little experiment next sunday.

Thanks everyone!