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Thread: Tobacco (Cigars)

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    I smoke the odd one occasionally, and my husband is a real cigar aficionado. We also have a hookah pipe, which is fun.

    I only smoke on the odd occasion, once a month, once every 3 months, or so. My husband smokes one every night in Baghdad, but when he gets home it might reduce.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pantera View Post
    tobacco is a new world plant, so post-Grok.
    Nicotine is really harmful, regardless of method of delivery (smoked or not).

    I used to smoke a pack a day and managed to quit. It's hard but worth it. I tried cigars, pipe, snus and other tobacco products (shisha). Some may be slightly less harmful than others, but they are all bad. I read somewhere that to match the extra heart disease risk from smoking I would have to gain ~ 75lbs. Think about that.
    Indians may have come to the new world shortly before agriculture started in a few old world places. But most Indians, like most other people around the world, remained Groks for a long time, in some cases until the 19th century. However, tobacco use may have started around the time some Indian cultures started farming. Not much seems to be known.

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