They have to to be:
-as unrelated to Primal as possible
-not known by many (if any) people on here
-relatively safe for work ;p

1.- I paint a lot and have done since I was a child (mum and dad have both painted professionally, we are unsure how much it runs in the family and how much it was influence).
2.- I've lived on my own since before I came of age.
3.- I still have body-dysmorphia which sometimes takes hold. When I go through an episode of it, I can sometimes go from thinking myself skinny, to thinking I'm fat, to thinking I'm butch, to thinking I'm disproportionate... all within a few hours.
4.- I dislike technology with as much passion as a stereotypical senior.
5.- I used to prefer men's clothes to a point where it could have been called cross-dressing, but am far girlier since meeting my fiance (when I don't need to be practical, that is). I think he brought out the woman in me!
6.- I aim to be as frugal as possible, but, when the Hare Krishna's approach me for cash to buy food for the homeless I give them everything I can. Homelessness strikes a nerve with me, as I know personally how hard it can be to get somewhere when you have so little to your name.
7.- I would eat any animal. I like dogs (in general) more than I like humans (in general), but I'd still eat a dog if I were short of meat for long enough. Other humans would go in too, in an extreme situation. I'd also probably be pretty unemotional about it, as I'm very practical and value my, my genetics and my family's survival above all else.
8.- On that note, I try and remove my own emotions as much as possible from every argument. I do this to a point where my father and I can have very long arguments, basically playing Devil's advocate against each other, just for the sake of arguing. It USUALLY stays friendly.
9.- I am very much a narcissist. I even feel some happiness in being a narcissist; that's how deep it runs. (It is also one of the main reasons I like my arguments to be mostly void of my own emotions, as I know how biased they are and don't want the argument to be weakened by my own personality or opinions.)
10.- Despite how unemotional I aim to be, everything in life gives me a ridiculous amount of joy. I can go from watching deer and dogs playing, to watching dogs hunting deer, to eating deer myself and take joy in all of it: the marvels of nature and its odd ways of making strange animals friendly to each other; the magnificence of a hunting animal and a prey animal in action, illustrating how perfectly they were designed for their roles in life; the taste of fresh meat, of good cooking and the knowledge of the marvels that go on inside my body to make that meat of use. All of it is beautiful.