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Thread: Say 10 random things about yourself!

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    1. I never had straight A's until I was in grad school

    2. I drive a WRX and have raced it on the track at Willow Springs

    3. I'm a metal head, love prog rock, and have a soft spot for classic rock

    4. I've got 3 tattoos: Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, and the Very Hungry Caterpillar

    5. I'm getting married in October and met my fiancÚ at a rock concert I went to with my boyfriend at the time

    6. I live in LA and dislike the weather

    7. I have a dachshund named Geppetto

    8. I'm a huge fan of hockey (go kings go!), soccer (galaxy) and sometimes baseball (Dodgers)

    9. I dislike talking politics

    10. I graduated from the same college at the same time earning the same degree (bachelors) with my mom and brother

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    I like this thread

    1. I have light olive colored skin, but freckle
    2. My toes are too short for vibram shoes
    3. I have undergrad degrees in psychology and computer science - Artifical Intelligence wah hah hah
    4. I love animals - too bad I love eating them
    5. My husband, kids and my puppy are my family
    6. I love to design - anything!
    7. I used to paint, but I think I forgot how
    8. I have super sonic hearing, hate noise - gives me a headache
    9. I think I used to be a dolphin or an orca in a former life
    10. I think Ayn Rand is the best philospher ever

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