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Thread: Add some weight lifting to my workout page

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    Add some weight lifting to my workout

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    Hi everyone,

    I came here to ask for advices and comments on my workout program :

    I weight 78kg and am 178cm high. I just lost about 20 kg the last year and still have a few kg to lose.
    I wanna become fitter and pack on some muscle. I basically follow a primal diet with a 16/8 feeding window. I usually eat some starches or rice at night (4-5 times a week).

    I never lifted weight, but I'm able to do 10 chin ups, 12-14 dips, ...

    I'll be able and want to go just once a week to the gym, the other workouts will be done at home (I have a pull up bar, dips platform and a weighted jacket), and I wanna focus mostly on bodyweight (or weighted bodyweight) exercises. But as I read, it would be good to add some exercises to my previous bodyweight program aka Deadlift, Squat and Overhead Press

    I want to base my workouts around these exercises :

    - Upper push : push ups variations till one arm push ups and dips variations till weighted or ring dips and Overhead press the day in the gym
    - Upper pull : Chin ups, pull ups, and inverted rows variations
    - Legs : Pistol squat progressions and front squat and deadlifts in the gym

    My program :

    Monday at home 5x5
    - Pistol squat
    - Chin Ups
    - Dips

    Wednesday (the day I go to the Gym) :
    - Front squat 5x5
    - Overhead Press 5x5
    - Deadlifts 1x5

    Friday at home 5x5 or 4x6 :
    - Pistol squats
    - Inverted rows or Pull ups
    - Push ups

    I like to read what trainers like J. Ferruggia or Chad Waterbury tell about training. I think it'd all beneficial for me to add one day a week weightlifting (aka Deadlift, Squat and Overhead Press) to my program.
    Do you think my program makes sense, should I change/add anything ?

    Thank you very much



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    I personally think 2 days strength training is enough and a day of sprints. the rest of the time walk.

    I'd split it up the way you have it but one day iron, one day bw.

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    at first you should be able to complete deadlifts, squats, and overhead press in same workout while you learn form + grow.

    you'll find as time progresses these full body exercises are too taxing (squats/deadlifts) to complete in the same session, you'll be too taxed.

    these are basic lifts that should be added to anyones routine who is serious about gaining strength

    no bench press?

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    Well, as I will be able to go just once a week to the Gym, I didn't really what to think about the bench press.
    I feel the bodyweight exercises are pretty good for the upper body, but they might not be as effective for the lower body. Therefore, I wanted to focus my only weight lifting session on legs exercises (aka squat and deadlift) and I decided to add the OHP to them. Does it make sense ?
    The weight lifting workout (OHP, Squat and Deadlift) is indeed one of the two sessions of the original strongliftf 5x5 program !

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