Hi Guys,

I'm a 23 guy from Switzerland. I've discovered MDA around 1 year ago after having struggle with my weight my whole life. At this time I had one of the best time of my life studying abroad. But, during th first 4 months there, I gained about 10kgs and weighted more than 100kg for 178cm.

Alcohol, bad and too much food and no sports = I had never been and felt fatter...

At the time I discovered MDA, I weighted around 93kg and had already lost a few kgs eating CW healthy food, doing cardio 3-4 times a week, ...

My paleo/primal journey since then has literrally changed my life. I can decompose the journey in a few steps :

1) I followed a primal diet, no calories counting, low carbs and a lot of bacon and other fatty meal
> I loved eat and reached around 88kg
2) I started to be more and more interested in the sport/nutrition and started to count my calories and fasted 24h once a week (still didn't restrict them). I reached 85kg this way in 1-2 months
3) I started to skip breakfast most of the days and felt great. Reached 80kg within 2 months
4) I started to add some starches and rice at night, 4-5 times a week and felt even better.

I'm now around 78kg, still have a bit fat to lose but feel highly confident that I will reach my goals without really dieting and feeling juste amazing !!!

I follow a workout routine around bodyweight routine and hill sprint twice a week :

WO A 5x5 :
Pistol squat
Chin ups
Plank and side plank

WO B 4x6 :
Pistol squat
Inverted rows or pull ups
Push ups
Plank and side plank

Thank you Mr Mark Sisson, you've changed my life